Carl-The Chatbot
His name is Carl.
He is a chatbot. smart. helpful. pretty cool.
Say Hello to Carl. Carl is Frankenmuth Credit Union’s AI (artificial intelligence) powered digital assistant. He can troubleshoot account difficulties, provide answers to your account questions, suggest FCU services and resources and help you navigate the website. Give it a try. Ask him something.

New automated member support

Frankenmuth CU strives to give its members the newest innovations and options for how they can communicate with us. Carl’s knowledge and responses will grow with every question and interaction…just like any new employee would. So every time you ask Carl a question, you help make him better.

ACCount help

Carl will provide answers to your account questions and help troubleshoot account difficulties or troubles.

Branch Support

Carl will answer your questions related to contact options, scheduling a branch visit and even Holiday Hours.


Carl will suggest services like our financial calculators, self-help coaches and our Virtual Financial Assistant Lea.


Carl will help you navigate our website for special offers, Member Perks, VIP rewards and so much more.

Tell me his history

Carl the Chatbot

Carl, gets his name from the Carling Brewery of Frankenmuth where Frankenmuth Credit Union began in 1964. The Carling Brewery was at one time the fastest growing brewery in North America, leading the industry in many ways. Carling was regarded as the safest brewery in the country, working 13 years without a single accident. They used modern facilities to achieve high-capacity brewing, while keeping employees happy with their famous beer-drinking fountain. Carl is the financial assistant, always ready to assist members in their pursuit of financial security or to simply engage in some small talk showcasing his lager than life personality.

He learns more every day!

Hours a day

He works day and night

Days a week

He is ready to chat every day

Days a year

He never takes a day off



Ask Carl ‘something funny.’ Carl is known to have a great sense on humor…and a knack for telling jokes too! Give it a try.



Carl is able to respond to most questions quickly and logically without you having to call our Call Center.

Support Questions To Ask Carl:

  • Update personal information
  • edeposit
  • Branch hours
  • Scorecard
  • VIP points
  • Cedar Point
  • estatements-paper statements
  • Kasasa qualifications
  • Fraud-dispute fraud
  • Submit Mortgage Documents
  • Increase Card Limit
  • Foreign Currency Exchange

Fun Questions To Ask Carl:

  • What day is it
  • Tell me something funny
  • Are you human
  • Do you have a girlfriend
  • Who is your boss
  • What is the weather
  • Do you have a hobby
  • How old are you
  • Are you married

Chatbot FAQ


FCU aims to assist you in the quickest and most efficient manner. Carl will be able to provide support for general questions 24×7.

How accurate is Carl?

Carl is able to accurately respond to many different questions and is constantly learning to answer more questions to better serve your needs.

Are my interactions with Carl secure?

Interactions with Carl are secure by using the latest encryption technology. Our team continuously monitors for potential security vulnerabilities.

Is Carl available during business hours?

Carl is available at your convenience 24×7.

What languages does Carl respond to?

Carl is only able to understand and respond in English.

What are the best supported browsers and operating system to use?

Carl is supported in the following operating systems and browsers:

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 build 7601 and higher
  • Mac OSX 10.12 (Sierra) and higher


  • Chrome 68 and higher
  • Safari 12 and higher
  • Firefox 62 and higher
  • Edge 15.15063 and higher

Will Carl be able to answer and respond to more inquiries in the future?

Yes, Carl will have additional capabilities in the coming months are well as a dedicated team that will look at opportunities to improve and enhance Roger’s features.

Can Carl help me open a new membership?

Yes! Carl can direct you to the online membership application to become an FCU member.

Can Carl answer my loan application questions?

Carl can direct you to the department that your application is associated with, but cannot provide you with a status update at this time.

Can Carl put me in touch with an actual member service representative if my question can’t be answered?

Yes, if Carl cannot answer your question, you will be given the option to call or chat with a member service representative.

Can Carl perform the following account functions:  reviewing account balances and transaction history, making online payments, and performing account transfers?

At this time, Carl cannot perform these functions although we hope to add this functionality in the near future.

Do you keep a record of my conversations with Carl?

Yes, Carl does keep a record of conversations so that we can help improve performance. Names are not provided, nor recorded, thus member’s interaction with Carl is confidential.