My Way Teen Checking
Teen Checking

Free checking account-no strings attached-for teens and kids

It’s a spending account with free custom debit card and ATM access

Parents can get instant alerts when transactions occur

Pay anyone, anytime from your account with the Peer to Peer App

Parents can set up timed payments for chores with Pay & Transfer

Enjoy a checking and spending account

free and flexible with digital tools

to teach smart money habits!



  • Know when transactions occur with Card Nav
  • Pay and Transfer allowances and lunch money
  • Help your Teen set up monthly budgets and goals
  • Set limits for how much your Teen can spend



  • Create your own custom debit card with emojis
  • Pay anyone from your smartphone with P2P app
  • Use +30K surcharge-free ATMS nationwide
  • Build good money habits with MoneyMap


The FCU My Way checking-spending account helps parents teach their teen smart money habits
by giving parents the control they want and by giving their kids the freedom they need.

It’s a free checking account for you and your child that comes with its very own custom debit card with card controls
and P2P money transfer features. Learn how to spend, save, and earn – all from the FCU Mobile app!

Custom Card

Make a free Custom Mastercard Debit Card then add the Card Nav app. Get instant notifications when transactions occur to alert you of spending.


Parents and Teens can monitor and control spending, cash flow, savings and debt. This is a great tool to manage budget and track expenses.


Teens can use the Peer to Peer app to pay anyone from their account to any other account. Send money to a contact or enter a mobile number or email.


Make allowance easier with recurring payments – daily, weekly or monthly – to your Teen. Assign chores and pay when they’re done in the FCU mobile app.



money smarts

MoneyMap is a free! online money management tool right inside the FCU App so you can take control of your finances and simplify your life. Budgeting, account aggregation, categorization and mobile access are just a few of the tools to guide you along your way.



card nav

get Real-time alerts when money is spent
turn cards on and off with one click
Set controls for Online Shopping
Set monthly Spending Limits for your teen


100+and growing


Edeposit your check with real-time approval
Face, Voice, Thumb or Pin authentication for quick login
Pay your bills or schedule recurring payments
Quickly move money between parent and teen accounts



When you are a member of Frankenmuth Credit Union, you get Perks! Teens can enjoy Member Perks like discount tickets at Cedar Point, special pricing on Tracfone and access to hundreds of dollars in savings and rewards from national-brand retailers and local services they use every day.

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