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Stimulus Deposit Alerts

Frankenmuth Credit Union suggests setting up an eAlert so you know when your stimulus check is deposited into your account. Once your stimulus funds deposit into your account, you will be alerted by email or text message.

In order to set up an eAlert via a text message, you must first enroll in Text Banking. Instructions to enroll in Text Banking are below. After you enroll in Text Banking, follow the instructions below to set up your eAlert.

If you have already enrolled in Text Banking or if you prefer to set up an email eAlert, you can skip to the instructions to set up your eAlert.

To get started, log into your online banking account on either your computer or mobile device.


– On the top right, click Go Mobile>More Information
– Step 1: Enter a Nickname
– Step 2: Check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions
– Step 3: Select a fee account (FCU does not charge any fees to use Text Banking)
– Check the “I Accept” box
– Click “Submit”
– Click on the green “Add One Now” button
– Enter your phone number and click “Send Code Now”
– You will receive a 6 digit verification code to the phone number you entered. Enter this code and click “Enroll Phone”
– You are now enrolled in Text Banking and can proceed in setting up your eAlert subscriptions


– On the top left, click Info Center>eAlert Subscriptions
– Select “Tell me when an ACH deposit or withdrawal comes in”
– Step 1: Choose Account
– Select the account your stimulus payment will be deposited in
– Step 2: Select How
– Check “Send and eAlert when an ACH Deposit occurs”
– Step 3: Select Where
– Only to secure message center (This is inside online banking)
– Secure Message Center with email reminder
– Send the complete alert via email only
– Send a message to my mobile device (Text Banking is required to send alerts to mobile devices. See instructions above.)
– Step 4: Verify Email Address
– Click “Add”


– Select Text Banking>Enroll in Text Banking
– Hit “Continue”
– Enter a nickname and hit “Continue”
– Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and hit “Continue”
– Select a fee account (FCU does not charge any fees to use Text Banking)
– Check the “I Accept” box and hit “Submit”
– Click the “Add One Now!” Button to add a phone number
– Enter your phone number and hit “Send Code Now”
– You will receive a 6 digit verification code to the phone number you entered. Enter this code and hit “Enroll Phone”
– You are now enrolled in Text Banking and can proceed in setting up your eAlert subscriptions.
– Hit “Accounts” on the bottom


– Select Info Center>eAlert Subscriptions
– Deposit/Withdrawal Reminders
– Step 1: Choose Account
– Select the account your stimulus payment will be deposited in
– Step 2: Select How
– Check “Send and eAlert when an ACH Deposit occurs”
– Step 3: Select Where
– Send the complete alert via email only
– Send a message to my mobile device (Text Banking is required to send alerts to mobile devices)
– Step 4: Verify Email Address
– Click “Add”

ROUTING # 272480131


An unexpected charge can be the result of merchant error or fraudulent activity. If you believe that merchant error was the cause please contact the merchant for reimbursement. If you are unable to contact the merchant or the merchant is unwilling to reimburse the charge please fill out the appropriate dispute form for Mastercard-credit/debit dispute —OR— ACH dispute (electronic, bank-to-bank money transfer).

If fraudulent activity is suspected please fill out the dispute form and provide as much information as possible.

ID Protect is a proactive approach to providing FCU members with identity theft protection, credit monitoring and cellular telephone protection. Click here to learn how to activate ID Protect on your account.

For current users call 1.877.610.7889 to contact a dedicated fraud specialist.


Call 1.888.241.2510 (inside U.S.) or 1.909.941.1398 (outside U.S.)

In order to avoid unauthorized transactions when your card is lost or stolen simply turn off your card by opening the FCU App and tap on Manage My Card.

For debit/credit cards that have been damaged accidentally or because of wear and tear click on Card Replacement.

To activate your debit card or to change your debit card PIN please call 989.497.1600  


Life is hectic and finances can get tight. In times like this, some things can easily be forgotten.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience to make adjustments to your due date or your account.

Even being a financially responsible member, life’s unpredictable nature can sometimes catch you off guard, at times making it dangerously easy to fall into debt.

Frankenmuth Credit Union offers a free easy-to-use interactive coaching tool that can empower members to take control of their debt.

The coaching session usually takes 5 minutes and be sure to have your debt information available. Your progress during the coaching session can be saved and emailed to you.

The success of Frankenmuth Credit Union is built on service. And we strive to help our members reach their financial wellness. Based on these two simple, yet powerful objectives, we trust Greenpath Financial Wellness to provide you with the very best financial counseling services available.

To contact Greenpath call 989.332.2235 or visit the website


FCU’s nearly 30,000 ATMs means you have more direct, surcharge-free access to your money than most traditional bank customers do. Surcharge-free transactions are available for debit and ATM card holders of participating credit unions


To locate an FCU or CO-OP Network ATM near you, text MYCOOP to 91989 from your mobile phone.  In the body of the text, enter an address (with city, state), a zip code, or an intersection (with city, state) of where you want to search for an ATM.

Shared Branching allows members to access their accounts at credit unions across the US.

ITM Locations

ATM Live Teller Machines, also known as ITM (Interactive Teller Machine), allow us to provide face-to-face service to our members through video technology with walk-up and drive-up machines.  If you have ever talked to someone on Facetime or with webcam, it is very similar, but you are directly connected securely with a FCU service rep.  Your FCU rep can perform any financial transaction you typically preform in a drive thru. Plus this machine can also function like an ATM, when you don’t need face-to-face assistance.  The following branch locations feature an ATM Live Teller Machine (aka ITM):

Bad Axe
Bay City
Cass City
Fairgrove (no lobby hours – only ITM)
Rockford (no lobby hours – only ITM)
Saginaw Town & Country
SVRC Marketplace
Thomas Township

What is an ITM and how do I use it?
Click video button below


Take a picture of your driver’s license/photo ID. Your driver’s license/photo ID will be added to your account for identification purposes when you come in and do a transaction. It also provides us a copy of your signature for future reference.

order checks online

Express yourself through a wide variety of unique check designs, colors, images, and scenes. You can even customize checks with your own flair using fonts, messages, symbols and icons, monograms, and more.

To reorder checks you will need your account number plus the suffix 110 and our routing number 272 480 131


Our 24-hour telephone banking service allows you to check balances, transfer money and see what checks have cleared.

Call 989.497.1600 to set up your PIN. Then call 1.844.776.9164 to launch CU* Talk.


To get started, login to your it’sme247 online banking account. Click the Text Banking option. Add your mobile number under the Enroll in Text Banking. Follow the instructions. Confirmation text will be sent to you.

Basic Text Commands

BAL Balance for all eligible accounts

BAL 000 Balance for specific accounts

STOP Turns off all text banking

HELP Provides you help for un-enrollment.


Before traveling, we recommend FCU members let our support center know so location-based transactions are not flagged as fraud. Call 989-497-1600 or chat or text.

online banking

For first-time users, your temporary username will be your account number.  Your temporary password will be the last four-digits of your social security number and your birth year.  Once these are entered correctly you will be prompted to create a unique username and password.

To change your password or if you forgot your password click on I forgot my password next to the Login button.



ABA # 272-480-131

Final credit to the member:


Foundation for Our Communities

Frankenmuth Credit Union’s Foundation for Our Communities is a source of funding to promote the betterment of all of our communities.

The Foundation reviews applications quarterly.

Applications must be received by March 15, June 15, September 15, or December 15.

Learn about what Foundation for Our Communities has done in your community.

Application Criteria

  • Will give consideration to organizations that meet the IRS guidelines for non-profit organizations (i.e. 501(c)3 and/or 502(c)4)
  • Must serve a need within Frankenmuth Credit Union’s (FCU) field of membership.
  • Supports charitable purposes which further the betterment of the communities served by FCU.
  • Consideration given to entity/member request with established relationship with FCU.
  • Targeting 30% of funds dispersed for youth-related purposes, 40% of funds dispersed to community-related purposes and 30% to other.
  • The foundation board will meet once a quarter.
  • Applications must be received by March 15, June 15, September 15, or December 15. Applications can be mailed to: Frankenmuth Credit Union, Attn: Marketing, P.O. Box 209, Frankenmuth MI 48734 or dropped off at any Frankenmuth Credit Union office, attention marketing.
  • Funds can not be used for current general operating or maintenance expenses.
  • Funds cannot support one religion over another and cannot support one certain political representative, party or cause.
  • Will not fund individuals, except in the case of scholarships.
  • Applicants may be asked to present in person to the FCU Foundation for Our Communities board.

If you would like information on how to write a successful grant application click here.

Frankenmuth Credit Union recognizes the financial strain that many school districts face each year. FCU wants to assist educators in purchasing materials that enhance the learning environment in the classroom.

Applicants are required to be current members of Frankenmuth Credit Union.

Frankenmuth Credit Union members who are 9 to 19 years old that are participating in the Saginaw, Tuscola, Huron, Genesee, Bay or Midland county fair livestock auctions through 4H or FFA can apply for a grant to supplement the cost of purchasing, raising and/or caring for animals that will be sold at the auction.

Additional Information

Once judged, winners will be announced and receive their grant money during the Fair livestock auctions to go to help defray the cost of purchasing, raising and/or caring for an animal to be sold at the county livestock auction.

Frankenmuth Credit Union is proud to sponsor and donate to community organizations though out the Great Lakes Bay Region.  Requests are considered for their alignment with FCU values and granted bi-monthly.  Only approved requests will be contacted.


eDeposit allows you to make deposits to your FCU account by taking a picture of your check. A picture of the back of the check is required. A signature of all parties that the check is paid to is required along with a notation showing what kind of deposit is being made i.e. eDeposit, eDeposit only etc.

After acceptance of your eDeposit, we suggest to hold your check for 2 weeks in case FCU needs access to the original.

Checks deposited by 2:00PM Monday through Friday will be guaranteed credit the same business day. Items after 2:00PM or on the weekends will be credited to your account the next business day.

To reset the PIN authentication on the FCU APP, users must Reset App Data by opening FCU App and under More tap on Settings and then on Reset App Data.

holiday hours

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
Presidents Day
Good Friday (closed from Noon – 3pm)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Christmas Eve (close at 1pm)
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve (close at 1pm)


Members must use online banking to order foreign currency.  After logging on click Info Center then click on Helpful Links there you will find the link to Order Foreign Currency.


My Member Insurance Agency (MMIA), an affiliate of Frankenmuth Credit Union, is committed to providing competitive insurance products and exceptional customer service for FCU members.

To contact MMIA please call 989.781.2662 or visit the MMIA website.

Uptown North Main and The Arbors are a wholly owned subsidiary of Frankenmuth Credit Union located in Frankenmuth. Uptown North Main is a gathering place for receptions, weddings, bridal showers and also houses FCU’s administration staff.  FCU members are eligible for special discounts.

If you have any questions about Uptown North Main and The Arbors please call 989.249.9268 or visit the website.

The VITA Program is ran though the United Way of Saginaw County and housed at our Bridgeport Branch and Frankenmuth Branch.  For more information or to make an appointment please go to


The Frankenmuth Credit Union essay contest is available for high school seniors in the beginning of September.  The applicant is required to be a current member of Frankenmuth Credit Union and qualify for one of eight scholarships listed on the application.


***Due to the coronavirus restrictions, we are not able to have the 3 on 3 Tournament in 2021. We look forward to being able to hold this event in 2022.

Frankenmuth Credit Union’s Annual 3 on 3 Relay For Life basketball tournament is for girls and boys in 4th-8th grades.  The tournament is located at Frankenmuth High School and List Elementary.  All proceeds go to Relay For Life.


Frankenmuth Credit Union is always looking for motivated individuals to join our team. Please submit applications at any branch or email to

FCU Community Room

Frankenmuth Credit Union’s Community Room, located in the Garden Level at the Main Branch in Frankenmuth can seat up to 208 people seated or 250 standing. The room can be partitioned (A & B) to accommodate smaller events. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. There is an additional $125 security deposit for all rentals.

The room features a kitchen, public restrooms, tables, chairs and elevator access.

Community Room A & B

(208 Capacity)

Community Room A only

(144 Capacity)

Community Room B only

(64 Capacity)

Friday-Sunday $300 per day $200 per day $100 per day
Monday-Thursday $75 per day $50 per day $25 per day
Multiple Day Rental (2 Day Weekend) $450 total $350 total $150 total
Multiple Day Rental (3 Day Weekend) $700 total $500 total $200 total

For more information, contact