FCU members can save on Nationwide Pet Health Insurance Coverage for their pet’s care, vaccinations, accidents and illness.

Pet Insurance

Save on Nationwide’s pet health coverage! Nationwide is America’s most trusted pet insurer. For more information, call 877-738-7874 and mention Frankenmuth Credit Union.
Nose to Tail Coverage
  • Flexible: Use any vet, anywhere in the world
  • Risk-free: Money-back guarantee
  • Trustworthy: Pet owners’ most popular choice
  • Stable: America’s largest pet insurance provider

Top Dog

Some insurance companies pay to use the names of well-known organizations. With Nationwide, what you see is what you get: one of the largest and most trusted financial service companies in the world.
Nose to Tail Coverage
  • Find top dog coverage or plans that are the cat’s meow
  • Vet what’s covered
  • Paws a moment to get a quote

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